March 18th Meeting Information
Time: 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm
When: Sunday March 18th
Where: Queeny Park the Community Room in the Greensfelder Recreation complex
           550 Weidman Road, Ballwin, MO 63011
Who: All scouts, leaders and parents
Troop Meeting:
Patrols will be working on the patrol flags, all scouts are to bring anything you can to help make a flag. Pictures or drawings, leatherlacing, string, small rope for lashing, paints, brushes,  sissors. Anything you think may be used or useful.

We will be covering additional troop positions of Hometown news correspondent and chaplains aide and asking for 4 to 5 scouts for each position.

Scouts will be asked to approve a troop tshirt design and will be shown the troop gateway design that has been voted on by the PLC.

Scouts will be informed of the councils progress in selecting a Jamboree council shoulder strip for our contingent.

We will also cover the Jamboree Code of Conduct and what that means for us.

Committee Meeting:
Topics to cover

Fund raising progress and troop account.

Gateway construction details from final design.

T-shirt purchases and screening details

Equipment sales

Needed misc. troop equipment

Friendship items

Tent ID markers

Troop hats

Any additional suggestions.