Second Assistant Scoutmaster
(Physical Arrangements)
: Assists in conducting jamboree promotion rallies and in
  recruiting individual Scouts to attend the jamboree.
: Participates in prejamboree training.
: Is responsible to the Scoutmaster for troop physical
: Works with the quartermaster to issue supplies.
: Makes arrangements directly with the subcamp
  equipment and maintenance officer for supplies.
: Working through and with the quartermaster and patrol
  leaders, trains and oversees the patrols in their tasks of
  drawing food and food supplies, preparation and serving of
  food, and cleanup.
: Consults regularly with patrol cooks on the most effective
  ways to prepare daily food selections.
: Meets daily with the patrol cooks, giving briefings on food
  preparation and safety precations in the use of propane
  stoves and attachments to tanks.
: Oversees cleanup and recycling operations after each
: Is responsible for the care and neat appearance of all
: Is responsible for the transportation of personal baggage
  to and from the jamboree.