: Serves as the executive officer of the troop.
: Maintains policies and coordinates the efforts of
  Assistant Scoutmasters
: Assists in conducting jamboree promotion rallies and in
  recruiting individual Scouts to attend the jamboree.
: Leads participants in prejamboree training.
: Acompanies the troop to and from the jamboree.
: Is personally responsible for the health, saftey, and
  morale of the troop.
: By example, serves as a role model for others to follow.
: Is responsible at all times for the proper behavior and
  conduct of the members of the troop.
: Recieves a report from the senior patrol leader on bed
  check each evening after taps and reports those present,
  accounted for, or missing to the designated subcamp
  staff member.
: Cooperates with the subcamp leadership at all times.