Patrol Names
Each patrol must decide on on a name for themselves. This is always a difficult process. So I have included a link to a web site that makes patrol neckerchief slides. This should help you to see what kinds of names and designs you can start from. (Remember you can have any name you want as long as it is approved by your leaders) You don't have to stick to the list or suggestions on this site.
As a jamboree troop you may want to base your name and design on something that shows where youcome from.
Here are some examples.
One previous troop used the McDonald Douglas plant and its aircraft as a model for their names. The patrols were named after aircraft made in St. Louis.
The F15 Eagle Patrol, The Harrier Patrol, The Hornet patrol see what i mean.
Another idea would be to name the patrols after the sports teams like.
Cardinals Patrol, Rams Patrol, Steamers Patrol, Blues Patrol

What ever you decide, remember you must make a patrol flag, patrol yell,  and come up with a patrol patch for your patrol.
Look these over and have your suggested patrol names ready for your first Jamboree Troop meeting even draw a design to show your fellow scouts this will help your patrol decide on its name.