Contests Information Page
Monthly find the prize link contest.
Each month you must search the web site looking for the words prize link. Click on them and  post the following information on the troop messge board under the current months contest.
1. Your last name.
2. The page you found the link on.
3. Where the link is on that page.
The first person to find the link each month will recieve a prize at the next troop meeting. Beware the link will be moved to a new spot on the web site each month.
Post your answers on the troop message board under the current months contest.
Where in the World is Mr. Curran?
Mr. Curran one of our Assistant Scoutmasters is on a business trip. He will be visiting eight different countries before returning to St. Louis.
At each stop he is going to be sending some clues about the city and country he is in, all you have to do is be the first to guess the location and you will win a prize from that country. Please keep in mind that you can only win once.
Mr. Curran will present the prizes at the next troop meeting. Good Luck!
To find Mr. Curran go to the Message board and read the clues posted there. Then hit reply and type in your answers.